QF Conference on Global Mobility - Making it Happen


QF Conference on Global Mobility - Making it Happen

The Education Bureau and Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework Partnership (SCQFP) co-organised a two-day Conference at the Conference Hall of Central Government Offices, Tamar on 18-19 March, to examine the role of qualifications frameworks (QF) in supporting lifelong learning and manpower development around the world. Apart from overseas experts, representatives from local education institutions and employers and employees of various industries have also been invited to share their views on vocational training, continuing education and lifelong learning. 

Event Materials

Day 1

Welcoming and Keynote Speeches


Planery Session: Quality Assurance: The Cornerstone to Transnational Alignment of QFs

Seperate Session: What can QFs do for the School Sector?

Day 2

Workshop (A): Building Articulation Pathways Across Sectors

Workshop (B): Linking Education and Training with Industry

Workshop (C): A Platform for Lifelong Learning

Plenary Session: Use of Credit and Credit Accumulation and Transfer (CAT): Experience Sharing from SCQF and HKQF