Secondary School Education

The EDB has all along been committed to enhancing students’ awareness of lifelong learning and supporting the implementation of life planning education (LPE).  All Applied Learning (ApL) courses are now QF-recognised, and more and more secondary schools are offering QF-recognised school-based programmes that cover a wide range of subject disciplines and trade functions for senior secondary students, with a view to providing students with diverse choices and enabling them to identify their own path and personal goals in their learning journey.

By organising activities such as special workplace experience workshops, onsite seminars and briefing sessions at schools, the Qualifications Framework Secretariat (QFS) encourages teachers and parents to utilize the QF platform to collaborate in preparing students for life planning.  Check out our annual industry experiential activities related to QF for students , as well as webinars for teachers.  If you are interested in onsite seminars at schools for students, parents or teachers to learn more about  using QF in students’ education and career planning, or to meet with us to explore developing QF-recognised school-based programmes, please fill in the online form. (

Activities / Workshops