Beyond Hong Kong

Benefits and Objectives

While the HKQF focuses on improving the overall education and training environment for people in Hong Kong, the operation model of the framework is designed with reference to national qualifications frameworks or similar systems overseas.  With the advent of globalisation and rapid development of national and transnational qualifications frameworks in various regions and countries of the world, the need to establish and strengthen collaboration with overseas QF authorities is increasing for the following purposes:

  • to enhance the profile of the HKQF internationally
  • to ensure the growth and development of the HKQF are healthy and in step with that in other economies
  • to provide a basis for referencing, alignment, or recognition of qualifications under the HKQF by overseas counterparts
  • to support Hong Kong to become a regional education hub


The use of referencing results

Organisations could make reference to the various referencing results as a benchmark for the level of individual qualifications. The Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ) provides Qualifications Assessment services on whether the totality of the educational qualifications (i.e. the integrated learning outcomes of the highest qualification including those learning outcomes achieved through learning deemed to have a substantial bearing on the qualification under assessment) of an individual meets the standard of a particular qualification in Hong Kong. General public, organisations, and government bureaux/departments may contact HKCAAVQ for application.

Networking & Collaboration

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