Resource & Support

Different measures and deliverables under Hong Kong Qualifications Framework are provided to encourage stakeholders' participation in QF, thereby supporting citizens to pursue lifelong learning.

QF deliverables >

ITACs assist in formulating and implementing various deliverables to support industries in development of training programmes, establishment of professional certification mechanisms and refinement of human resources management. It aims to continuously enhance the quality, professionalism and competitiveness of the workforce to meet the evolving needs of different industries.

QF Resource Centre >

Two QF Resource Centres offer different industry-related training programmes and organise various QF-related activities to the public.  "QF Resource Corner" has been set up in each of the Resource Centres to facilitate the public to know more about QF in order to strengthen the promotion of QF and its application at district level.

Designated Support Schemes for QF >

Various support schemes are available for education & training providers, assessment agencies and industry practitioners to participate in QF.

Applications of QF Deliverables

Vocational Qualifications Pathway (VQP)
  • roadmap for progression in learning and employment 
  • covers the major job areas and posts with their respective competency requirements
  • occupation-based VQP qualifications and courses
    Specification of Competency Standards (SCS)
    • covers the competency requirements and performance criteria under various functional areas of an industry
    • serves as useful references and benchmarks in the development of education and training programmes
    • human resources management tool for drafting job specifications and appraisal of staff performance, etc.
    • functional-based SCS-based / SGC-based courses
      Specification of Generic (Foundation) Competencies (SGC)
      • covers four strands of generic skills: English, Chinese (including Cantonese and Putonghua), Information Technology and Numeracy
      • SCS-based / SGC-based courses
      SCS-based Training Packages
      • SCS-based, with selection of UoCs related to the job function
      • outlines the essential elements for a learning programme, offering for reference the contents of learning, assessment guidelines, as well as supporting and reference materials
      • serves as a blueprint for course development thereby reducing the resources needed to develop full sets of training materials

      Recognition of QF Qualifications

      Since the implementation of QF, industries, school sector, education and training providers, professional bodies, as well as government departments have shown their support and have gradually applied QF in various fields including:

      Lifelong learning
      Human resources management
      Licensing requirements
      Professional development