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Launch of the 5-year transitional period for RPL qualifications of "Supporting & Ancillary Services – Surveying" in the Logistics industry (11.5.2021)

The Logistics industry launched new RPL clusters at QF levels 1 to 3 for "Supporting & Ancillary Services – Surveying" on 16 February 2021 with a 5-year transitional period.  On or before 15 February 2026, practitioners may opt for recognition of "Supporting & Ancillary Services – Surveying" qualifications at QF levels 1 to 3 based on their relevant past working experience, without the need to take any assessment test.  

Representatives from Qualifications Framework Secretariat and HKU SPACE (Assessment Agent of Logistics RPL) introduced the new surveyor-related RPL clusters to members of the Hong Kong Surveyors' Association at their annual general meetings.