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Date Subject
10.5.2023 QF Partnerships Commendation Ceremony cum QF 15th Anniversary Celebration
1.8.2022 Seminar on “Digitalized Jewellery Shopping Experience and Product Certification Trustmark”
13.12.2018 Industry Consultation on the SCS (Draft of Second Version) for Jewellery Industry cum Sharing Session
17.11.2016 Train-the-trainers Session on the SCS-based Training Packages for the Watch & Clock and Jewellery Industries
6.6.2016 Consultation Session on Draft SCS-based Training Packages
28.10.2015 Sharing Session on Learning and Progression Pathways in Watch & Clock and Jewellery Industries
18.5.2012 Implementation of "Recognition of Prior Learning" (RPL) in the Jewellery Industry - Briefing Session
24.10.2011 RPL Kick-off Ceremony for the Automotive and the Jewellery Industries
10.1.2011 Jewellery Industry - Workshop on the Applications of SCS
12.3.2010 Jewellery Industry - "SCS-based Courses and Accreditation"Briefing Session