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Functional Areas:

1. Operations Management

Digital contents are the soul of DMT which covers a broad spectrum of multimedia. Digital contents need to be created and managed. Hence, in this functional area, competencies are grouped into 2 sub-areas namely "Production Management" and "Content and Media Management".

QF Level
  Code Name Credit
Level 1
108014L1 Observe content standards 3
Level 2
108010L2 Convert non-digital media to digital format 3
108011L2 Observe intellectual property rights 3
108012L2 Observe digital rights management 3
108013L2 Observe information security 3
Level 3
107941L3 Perform game testing 3
107942L3 Develop promotion materials 3
107949L3 Understand and confirm the brief 3
107950L3 Setup rendering farm 3
107951L3 Plan animation 3
107952L3 Create character model 3
107953L3 Apply texture 3
107954L3 Perform lighting 3
107955L3 Create environment for digital animation 3
107956L3 Perform rendering of animation 3
107957L3 Perform Keyframe 3D animations 3
107958L3 Create duplicate objects with procedural animation 3
107959L3 Create rig for 3D character animation 3
107960L3 Produce basic 2D animation 3
107961L3 Produce basic 3D animation 3
107970L3 Prepare for digital video capture 3
107971L3 Synchronise digital audio with video 3
107972L3 Apply transition effects 3
107973L3 Perform titling 3
107974L3 Perform noise reduction of digital video sequence 3
107975L3 Select digital video capturing device 3
107976L3 Compile clips to form digital video sequence 3
107977L3 Convert linear video to non-linear 3
107999L3 Develop interactive infographic for website 3
108000L3 Create a responsive website 3
108009L3 Utilise compression techniques and CODEC for digital media production 3
Level 4
107921L4 Prepare asset list 3
107922L4 Perform level design 3
107923L4 Perform human computer interaction (HCI) design 3
107924L4 Perform game prototyping 3
107925L4 Design characters 3
107926L4 Create map and texture 3
107927L4 Create low polygon models 3
107928L4 Create pixel art 3
107929L4 Create scenes 3
107930L4 Create User Interface (UI) layout 3
107931L4 Prepare character animation 3
107932L4 Develop BGM and audio effects 3
107933L4 Develop game level 3
107934L4 Create in-game cinematic 3
107935L4 Perform game programming 3
107936L4 Perform script programming 3
107937L4 Develop game management system for customer service 3
107938L4 Develop patch system 3
107939L4 Develop game monitoring system 3
107940L4 Create user documentation 3
107944L4 Create motion graphics 3
107945L4 Apply 3D digital models 3
107946L4 Create digital character animation 3
107947L4 Design animation visual effects 3
107948L4 Perform motion capture 4
107964L4 Create digital visual effects 6
107965L4 Edit digital AV production 3
107966L4 Create customised audio effects 3
107967L4 Perform colourisation of digital video sequence 3
107968L4 Perform enhancement of digital video 3
107969L4 Conduct technical support for marketing 6
107985L4 Create H2M (Human to Machine) design for interactive media projects 3
107986L4 Design interactive website 3
107987L4 Develop interactive website 6
107988L4 Develop apps 3
107989L4 Perform server programming for apps request 3
107990L4 Implement data management of apps 3
107991L4 Test apps deployment on various hardware platforms 3
107992L4 Develop Augmented Reality (AR) application 3
107993L4 Perform location analysis for graphic overlay in AR application 3
107994L4 Analyse camera data for graphic overlay in AR application 3
107995L4 Apply augmentation data in AR application 3
107996L4 Develop Virtual Reality (VR) application 3
107997L4 Deploy VR application to different hardware platform 3
107998L4 Implement data management for VR / AR applications 3
108004L4 Create asset inventory 3
108005L4 Define asset management requirements 3
108006L4 Define user access control for media content 3
108007L4 Manage content distribution performance 3
108008L4 Select digital rights management system 3
Level 5
107916L5 Perform game design 6
107917L5 Create game specification 3
107918L5 Perform technical feasibility study 3
107919L5 Create game development environment 3
107920L5 Perform game database design 6
107943L5 Manage animation development 3
107962L5 Manage digital AV production 3
107963L5 Perform compositing 6
107982L5 Coordinate software development of interactive media projects 3
107983L5 Manage synchronisation of augmentation data and real life data in AR application 3
107984L5 Coordinate the development of Human to Machine (H2M) interface 3
108001L5 Commissioning a Content Management System (CMS) 3
108002L5 Implement a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system 3
108003L5 Formulate media content storage procedure 3
Level 6
107915L6 Manage game development 6
107978L6 Manage interactive media projects 3
107979L6 Plan implementation of interactive media projects 3
107980L6 Formulate Human to Machine (H2M) requirements for interactive media projects 3
107981L6 Manage interactive media projects with Agile approach 3
Level 7

2. Strategic Management

The digital revolution has affected the traditional media industry, forcing both affected and less affected organisations to rethink their business and operation strategies to stay competitive. This area will mainly focus on operational level strategies related to DMT.

QF Level
  Code Name Credit
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
108020L5 Formulate conducive customer centric environment and delivery 3
108021L5 Formulate human resource strategy 3
108022L5 Manage information strategy to facilitate product development and marketing 4
108023L5 Formulate innovative use and adoption of DMT to enhance market share capability 3
108024L5 Formulate resource management strategy 3
Level 6
108016L6 Formulate uptake of disruptive technologies 3
108017L6 Formulate risk management strategy 3
108018L6 Formulate commercialisation of Intellectual Properties strategy 3
108019L6 Formulate content management and distribution strategy 3
Level 7
108015L7 Formulate global and local business strategy 6

3. Marketing Management

With the emergence of digital technologies, marketing, in particular advertising, has gone through major transformation from the traditional media to new media. The new business environment calls for new competencies particularly those concerning digital marketing and social media marketing (a component of digital marketing). This area focuses mainly on digital marketing competencies as well as the management of digital marketing campaigns for DMT products.

QF Level
  Code Name Credit
Level 1
Level 2
108051L2 Develop an analytic mindset for digital marketing 3
Level 3
108043L3 Monitor effectiveness of inbound marketing activities 3
108046L3 Source analytic tools for digital marketing 3
108047L3 Implement direct digital marketing 3
108048L3 Handle outsourced digital marketing 3
108050L3 Develop social media contents for marketing 3
Level 4
108032L4 Implement inbound marketing strategy 6
108035L4 Plan marketing of digital media products 3
108036L4 Implement digital marketing plan 6
108037L4 Implement digital marketing in Mainland China for digital media products 6
108038L4 Implement social media marketing plan 6
108039L4 Implement mobile marketing 6
108040L4 Analyse market trend for digital media products 3
108041L4 Plan direct digital marketing 3
108042L4 Plan measurements on the effectiveness of digital marketing 3
108044L4 Coordinate and manage digital marketing contents production 3
108045L4 Conduct marketing research with social media 3
108049L4 Design and create effective digital marketing contents 3
Level 5
108026L5 Formulate inbound marketing strategy 3
108028L5 Manage digital marketing tactics 6
108029L5 Identify marketing strategies for digital media products 3
108030L5 Formulate mobile marketing strategy 3
108031L5 Formulate digital marketing objectives 3
108033L5 Formulate digital marketing analytics strategy 3
108034L5 Formulate social media marketing strategy 3
Level 6
108025L6 Formulate content marketing tactics 3
108027L6 Formulate digital marketing strategy for Mainland China 3
Level 7
107914L7 Formulate digital marketing strategy 3

4. DMT Architecture

This functional area covers competencies required for commissioning and using the tools involved in the production and distribution of digital media contents. As digital media production organisations are being more conversant with cloud technologies, they are in the trend of concentrating on seeking service partners to provide efficient and speedy content delivery rather than building their own infrastructures. Hence, this functional area will not cover competences of traditional networking.

QF Level
  Code Name Credit
Level 1
Level 2
108059L2 Develop mapping and documentation of infrastructure 3
Level 3
108057L3 Coordinate implementation of network for content delivery with cloud service provider 3
108058L3 Monitor performance of digital media infrastructure 3
Level 4
108055L4 Develop infrastructure performance testing 3
108056L4 Implement cloud strategy of digital media content 6
Level 5
108054L5 Develop a business case for selecting infrastructure for DMT project 3
Level 6
108052L6 Develop content delivery network strategy for digital media business 3
108053L6 Formulate cloud strategy for digital media content 3
Level 7

5. Content Security

Compared with its analogue predecessor, digital content is easier to access and maintain. This also brings about management and control issues. Digital content,being the valuable asset of the organisation, must be well protected against theft, illegal copying, and intentional or accidental destruction, by way of ensuring that access is authorised. This functional area focuses on content security related to DMT, concentrating on the protection of rights of access to the content.

QF Level
  Code Name Credit
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
108066L3 Maintain content security 3
108067L3 Develop content security practices and procedures 3
Level 4
108064L4 Implement DRM for online and offline digital media products 3
108065L4 Implement cloud disaster recovery strategy 3
Level 5
108061L5 Develop cloud disaster recovery strategy 3
108062L5 Formulate DRM implementation plan 3
108063L5 Establish content security policies 5
Level 6
108060L6 Formulate Digital Rights Management (DRM) strategy for business 3
Level 7
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