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Industry Consultation on the Updates of Specification of Competency Standards (SCS) for ICT Industry (16.7.2022)

The ICT Industry Training Advisory Committee (ITAC) has completed the updating exercise for the SCS for ICT industry. The updates mainly cover the relevant competency requirements in view of the development of the six emerging areas, i.e. AI, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Data Science, eSports Technology and IoT. The proposed Vocational Qualifications Pathways (VQP) which cover the principal job posts and their competency requirements are also drawn up for reference by the industry stakeholders, and facilitate them to apply the SCS to various areas, e.g. Human Resources Management, staff training, course development.

The industry consultation was completed on 15 July 2022. You may refer to the consultation documents provided below for reference:

A Review on Development of ICT Industry
Proposed Vocational Qualifications Pathways (VQP) for the six emerging areas:
 - AI
 - Cloud Computing
 - Cybersecurity
 - Data Science
 - eSports Technology
 - IoT
Full List of Units of Competency (UoCs)
Detailed Content of Units of Competency (UoCs)

Industry Consultation Session on the Updates of SCS

The industry consultation session on the updates of SCS was conducted on 8 July 2022. Apart from highlighting those updates relevant to specific functional areas and application technologies, guest speakers are invited to share with the participants their experience and viewpoints on the application of SCS and VQP from different stakeholders' perspectives in order to promote and encourage the stakeholders to apply QF for HR-related and training purposes.