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Functional Areas:

1. Organisation Development and Human Resource Strategy

QF Level
  Code Name Credit
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
106917L4 Organise and carry out ongoing programmes that demonstrate the linkage between organisational culture and core values 5
Level 5
106905L5 Develop human resource (HR) related analysis to support organisational strategy development 5
106907L5 Implement the organisation’s strategic plan in the human resource (HR) context 5
106911L5 Obtain acceptance and support from major stakeholders in the human resource (HR) strategy development process 5
106912L5 Promote and support corporate governance initiatives 5
106916L5 Promote the organisation’s vision, mission, core values (VMV) and behavioural expectations 5
106921L5 Identify and translate competitive advantages of the organisation to core competencies 5
106922L5 Identify competency gaps and recommend solutions to improve organisational performance 5
106924L5 Identify major stakeholders and assess their change readiness 5
106925L5 Identify change champions to implement change 5
106926L5 Articulate the business case or reasons for change 5
106927L5 Facilitate change and deal with resistance to change 5
Level 6
106908L6 Determine impact of the organisation’s strategic plan on human capital 6
106913L6 Translate human resource (HR) strategies into operational systems and procedures 6
106914L6 Design metrics to measure the effectiveness of human resource (HR) strategies 6
106915L6 Facilitate development of the organisation’s vision, mission, core values (VMV) and behavioural expectations 6
106918L6 Align the organisation’s vision, mission, core values (VMV) and behavioural expectations 5
106919L6 Investigate and devise drivers of organisational effectiveness 6
106920L6 Design organisation development (OD) interventions, programmes and processes to address business needs 6
106923L6 Design change objectives and management plan 6
106928L6 Evaluate effectiveness of change initiatives 5
Level 7
106904L7 Establish and lead the human resource (HR) agenda in the organisation’s strategic planning 7
106906L7 Be a strategic business partner and key member of the board of directors or top management team 7
106909L7 Forecast human capital needs with a good understanding of socioeconomic trends and the organisation’s strategies 7
106910L7 Formulate and align human resource (HR) strategies with the organisation’s strategic plan 7

2. Workforce Planning and Resourcing

QF Level
  Code Name Credit
Level 1
Level 2
106953L2 Schedule interviews with applicants 2
106954L2 Handle and file information of the unsuccessful applicants 2
Level 3
106934L3 Assist in maintaining expenses details of employee cost and recruitment budget 3
106956L3 Contact relevant departments to prepare necessary resources for new employees 3
Level 4
106932L4 Complete employee cost and recruitment budget for functional expenses 4
106933L4 Compile valid job specifications and descriptions 4
106940L4 Search for recruitment channels suitable for the specific operating markets 4
106943L4 Complete recruitment content details and deploy the identified recruitment channels and methods 4
106945L4 Monitor recruitment budget 4
106947L4 Check candidate’s background and experience against job requirements through initial screening 4
106949L4 Interview candidates for junior positions 5
106952L4 Make an employment offer to the successful candidate 4
106957L4 Organise and carry out induction and orientation programme 5
106961L4 Organise appropriate events or produce communication tools to promote the organisation 4
Level 5
106929L5 Analyse current resource level and anticipate future skills demand and potential attrition 5
106931L5 Validate headcount levels and skills requirements 5
106935L5 Validate effectiveness of workforce planning and strategy, and monitor expenditure against budget 5
106936L5 Develop recruitment policy and procedures 5
106937L5 Develop recruitment process 5
106938L5 Develop policy to facilitate internal employee mobility 5
106939L5 Validate effectiveness of recruitment policy and procedures 5
106941L5 Select recruitment agencies / vendors 5
106942L5 Negotiate service terms and conditions with recruitment agencies / vendors and conduct regular review on their performance 6
106944L5 Validate effectiveness of the existing recruitment channels and methods 5
106946L5 Align with and provide training and support to the hiring manager on hiring and selection process 6
106948L5 Interview candidates for senior positions 6
106950L5 Select and apply appropriate assessment tools 5
106951L5 Implement approval process before making employment offer 5
106955L5 Develop onboarding process and procedures 5
106958L5 Advocate the organisation's core values with positive employee experience 5
106962L5 Manage the recruitment process to ensure positive candidate experience is provided 5
Level 6
106930L6 Design resourcing strategy and plan 6
106959L6 Develop employee value proposition and design employer branding strategy 6
106960L6 Design policies, channels and activities to facilitate internal and external communications 6
Level 7

3. Reward Management

QF Level
  Code Name Credit
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
106982L3 Assist in maintaining an updated payroll and benefits system 3
Level 4
106972L4 Coordinate market benchmarking survey 4
106974L4 Ensure legal and regulatory compliance of compensation scheme 4
106979L4 Ensure legal compliance and related tax treatment 4
106986L4 Implement the communication plan on change of reward policy, procedures and practices 4
106990L4 Liaise with experts to minimise risk exposure of the organisation and the assignee 4
106991L4 Provide assistance and support to assignee (and family) 4
Level 5
106966L5 Develop and manage a compensation and benefits budget 5
106968L5 Conduct job evaluation and analysis 5
106971L5 Conduct periodic pay and grading review exercise 5
106975L5 Select compensation and benefits (C&B) vendor and manage vendor relationship 5
106976L5 Articulate the adopted compensation scheme with stakeholders and manage their expectations 5
106977L5 Develop and manage payroll process 5
106978L5 Define the coverage of benefit scheme 5
106980L5 Select payroll vendor and manage vendor relationship 5
106981L5 Articulate the adopted benefit scheme with stakeholders and manage their expectations 5
106983L5 Facilitate and manage the pay review exercise 5
106984L5 Validate effectiveness of the application and impact of pay-for-performance process and system 5
106985L5 Develop a communication plan on change of reward policy, procedures and practices 5
106987L5 Conduct benefit review exercise 5
106988L5 Develop and manage international assignment programme 5
106989L5 Select vendor for regional / international mobility and manage vendor relationship 5
Level 6
106965L6 Design reward policy, procedures and practices, and develop reward system 6
106967L6 Evaluate competitiveness and effectiveness of reward system 6
106969L6 Design job / pay grade structure 6
106970L6 Design base pay structure 6
106973L6 Design compensation scheme 6
Level 7
106963L7 Formulate reward strategy in alignment with the organisational strategic objectives and human resource (HR) strategies 7
106964L7 Formulate a reward philosophy as guiding principles 7

4. Talent Management

QF Level
  Code Name Credit
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
107012L3 Assist in organising learning and development (L&D) programmes 3
107013L3 Assist in maintaining updated records of learning and development (L&D) programmes 3
Level 4
107004L4 Provide assistance to target individuals in constructing their individual development plans (IDPs) 4
107010L4 Organise and / or deliver learning and development (L&D) programmes 5
107011L4 Monitor employee development plan and make necessary adjustments 4
107017L4 Monitor the communication process of performance feedback to employees 4
Level 5
106994L5 Conduct talent reviews to establish human capital inventory 5
106995L5 Identify the organisational capacity gaps 5
106996L5 Analyse business impact or return on investment (ROI) of the talent management and development strategy 5
106998L5 Select potential successors and assist them in developing individual development plan (IDP) consistent with succession roles 5
106999L5 Identify development programmes to support potential successors for continuous learning 5
107001L5 Develop a regular talent review exercise and revise the succession plan 5
107003L5 Identify target individuals for leadership development 5
107005L5 Develop and / or conduct leadership training and other relevant activities to support target individuals' continuous learning 6
107008L5 Conduct training needs analysis 5
107009L5 Develop learning and development (L&D) programmes 5
107016L5 Develop performance assessment tools 5
107018L5 Conduct calibration of the performance scores distribution, and facilitate development discussion and decision 5
107019L5 Identify performance gaps and development needs for individual career progression and organisation’s human capital inventory 5
Level 6
106993L6 Design talent management and development policy and process 6
106997L6 Determine key roles for succession planning and the required competencies 6
107000L6 Evaluate effectiveness of the development activities for the potential successors 5
107002L6 Design leadership competencies and intervention tools 6
107006L6 Evaluate effectiveness of leadership development interventions, and update individual development plans (IDPs) 5
107007L6 Design learning and development (L&D) policy and procedures 6
107014L6 Evaluate effectiveness of learning and development (L&D) interventions 5
107015L6 Design performance management policy, procedures and system 6
Level 7
106922L7 Formulate talent management and development strategy 7

5. Human Resource Policies and Processes

QF Level
  Code Name Credit
Level 1
Level 2
107030L2 Record and file change history 2
107044L2 Handle human resource (HR) data and file HR records 2
Level 3
107028L3 Check and update information on a regular basis 3
107043L3 Assist in ensuring data protection, control and compliance on the release of personal data 3
107045L3 Obtain full understanding of capabilities, functions and applications of Human Resource Management System (HRMS) and / or Human Resource Information System (HRIS) used in the organisation 4
Level 4
107022L4 Communicate human resource (HR) policies and procedures 4
107023L4 Maintain workflows and processes 4
107024L4 Complete and update human resource (HR) policy related communication materials 4
107029L4   4
107029L4 Arrange system handover, communicate important and necessary information to vendor and monitor vendor in an effective manner 4
107035L4 Ensure data security throughout the organisation and maintain the system 4
107038L4 Provide effective support on system maintenance in the human resource (HR) context 4
107029L4   4
107040L4 Carry out regular data quality assurance to ensure data accuracy 4
107046L4 Measure user experience and improve efficacy of Human Resource Management System (HRMS) and / or Human Resource Information System (HRIS) to end-user 4
107047L4 Adopt tools to help employees handle job related tasks 4
107048L4 Provide training to all employees on new features and functions of Human Resource Management System (HRMS) and / or Human Resource Information System (HRIS) 5
107052L4 Provide accurate and ongoing update of human resource (HR) metrics to management 4
107053L4 Measure and report human resource (HR) impact on business performance 4
Level 5
107020L5 Conduct cost analysis and set up budget of human resource (HR) operations 5
107025L5 Develop and review structure and responsibilities of human resource (HR) operations and services 5
107026L5 Develop required human resource (HR) capabilities, validate effectiveness and efficiency of HR operations and service delivery 5
107027L5 Develop improvement solutions for human resource (HR) operations and service delivery 5
107031L5 Select vendor for human resource (HR) operations and manage vendor relationship 5
107032L5 Define requirements of the system and select appropriate hardware and software 5
107033L5 Develop and implement project plan with timeline and resources 5
107034L5 Set up contingency plan and manage system integration and data migration 5
107036L5 Validate effectiveness and efficiency of the system 5
107037L5 Select system vendor and manage vendor relationship 5
107039L5 Revise the system to address changes in internal / external environment 5
107042L5 Consult and incorporate internal / external legal advice when changing human resource (HR) policies, procedures and operations 5
107049L5 Identify improvement opportunities brought by new information technology and human resource (HR) solutions 5
107050L5 Identify key factors that drive employee productivity and configure them into human resource (HR) systems 5
107051L5 Deploy predictive analytics to reduce attrition and optimise employee performance 5
Level 6
107021L6 Design human resource (HR) policies and procedures in line with stakeholders’ needs 6
107041L6 Evaluate effectiveness of human resource (HR) policies, procedures, operations and systems 5
Level 7

6. Compliance and Risk Management

QF Level
  Code Name Credit
Level 1
Level 2
107087L2 Keeping inventory of personal protective devices and safety equipment 2
Level 3
107054L3 Keep abreast of knowledge of employment related ordinances 6
107067L3 Assist in organising employee activities 3
107068L3 Assist in monitoring the process of employee separation 3
107069L3 Conduct employee separation 3
107084L3 Contact different departments to carry out occupational safety and health (OSH) educational programmes 3
Level 4
107055L4 Ensure all human resource (HR) policies, procedures and practices are in compliance with regulatory requirements 4
107057L4 Ensure employee understanding and commitment to human resource (HR) compliance 4
107059L4 Monitor non-compliance cases and provide support to any proceedings 4
107062L4 Maintain effective employee communication within the organisation 4
107066L4 Monitor the process of employee separation 4
107071L4 Maintain open communication with union and / or employee representatives 4
107074L4 Liaise with managers to resolve industrial relations issues 4
107075L4 Keep abreast of employment market trend and issues that affect employment 4
107077L4 Carry out necessary actions to mitigate or reduce people risks 4
107078L4 Complete and communicate business continuity plan (BCP) to maintain smooth HR related operation 4
107082L4 Liaise with different departments to promote the contributions of occupational safety and health (OSH) to business success 4
107083L4 Liaise with different departments to set and fulfil occupational safety and health (OSH) performance targets and indicators 4
Level 5
107056L5 Ensure senior management understands and commits to human resource (HR) compliance 5
107058L5 Develop procedures to detect and manage non-compliance cases 5
107061L5 Develop policies and procedures to handle disciplinary and grievance cases 5
107063L5 Provide training and support to managers in handling employee personal and performance issues 6
107064L5 Promote amicable working relationship in the workforce and resolve workplace conflicts effectively 5
107065L5 Develop policies and procedures to manage employee separations 5
107072L5 Conduct consultations and bargaining negotiations with union and / or external parties 5
107073L5 Develop policies and procedures to handle labour disputes, investigate employee grievance cases and resolve workplace conflicts 5
107076L5 Identify critical risks which affect business development continuity and people risk profile 5
107079L5 Validate and revise business continuity plan (BCP) periodically 5
1070858L5 Implement hazard identification, evaluation and risk management measures 5
Level 6
107060L6 Design employee relations policies, procedures and measures 6
107070L6 Design strategy, principles and policies in managing industrial relations 6
107080L6 Evaluate organisational or key business risks of human resource (HR) functions 5
107081L6 Design occupational safety and health (OSH) strategies and policies 6
107086L6 Evaluate effectiveness of occupational safety and health (OSH) strategies and policies 5
Level 7

7. Employee Engagement

QF Level
  Code Name Credit
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
107089L3 Assist in organising employee communication activities 3
107105L3 Assist in organising employee wellness and work-life balance initiatives 3
107109L3 Assist in forming volunteer teams to promote and implement corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives 3
Level 4
107091L4 Search for smart and creative tools for employee communication 4
107093L4 Measure employee engagement level 4
107099L4 Communicate the policies and practices to maintain equal opportunities and diversity 4
107104L4 Organise health education activities related to employee wellness 4
107110L4 Liaise with other organisations to carry out corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives 4
Level 5
107088L5 Promote an effective and open communication culture 5
107090L5 Act as internal public relations (PR) to increase effectiveness of employee communication 5
107094L5 Identify key drivers of employee engagement 5
107095L5 Develop and manage organisational and departmental action plans for employee engagement 5
107097L5 Develop a work environment to promote equal opportunities and diversity 5
107100L5 Coach managers in delivery of equal opportunities and diversity practices 6
107102L5 Identify and prioritise different employee wellness initiatives 5
107108L5 Ensure major stakeholders’ support in corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives 5
Level 6
107092L6 Evaluate effectiveness of employee communication strategy 5
107096L6 Evaluate effectiveness of employee engagement initiatives 5
107098L6 Design policies and procedures to uphold equal opportunities and embrace diversity 6
107101L6 Evaluate effectiveness of policies and procedures of equal opportunities and diversity 5
107103L6 Design policies to nurture employee wellness and work-life balance 6
107106L6 Evaluate effectiveness of employee wellness and work-life balance initiatives 5
107107L6 Design corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy and policies 6
107111L6 Evaluate effectiveness of corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives 5
Level 7
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