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Vocational Qualifications Pathway (VQP) represents a roadmap for progression in learning and employment in an industry, along which learners or practitioners can progress at various levels through the attainment or acquisition of the required occupation-based qualifications.

Major Objectives of VQP

Pilot Projects on Development of VQP

Three Industry Training Advisory Committees (ITAC) participated in the pilot projects on development of VQP in 2015.  Their valuable experience can serve as reference for the development of VQP in the future. More ITACs have developed VQP according to the need of the industries.  For details, please visit the respective industry webpages.

VQP Courses

VQP courses refer to education and training courses designed to meet the competencies requirements of specific job roles defined by an ITAC. The corresponding ITAC specifies Units of Competency (UoCs) selected from the Specification of Competency Standards (SCSs) according to the requirements for the specific job roles for education and training providers to include in the course development. To build a strong linkage between learning and performance, the learning outcomes of VQP courses are fully-matched with the requirements of the job roles, or as specified by the ITAC. If the structure and design of a VQP course also complies with the Qualifications Guidelines (QG) issued by the Education Bureau, it can also be labelled as a SCS-based course.

Industries available for development of VQP courses´╝Ü

Industry Webpages