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 Central-based (Policy / General)
Date Title
9.12.2019 Launch of Arboriculture & Horticulture SCS (1st Edition)
10.10.2019 Seminar on Use of Credit and Credit Accumulation and Transfer under Qualifications Framework
29.6.2019 Indication of QF Credit for Learning Programmes at QF Levels 5 to 7 on the Qualifications Register
28.6.2019 NewLaunch of Operational Guidelines on Use of Credit under QF (2019)
1.6.2019 NewEnhancement Measures of RPL Support Scheme
17.9.2018 HKQF International Conference 2018 - “QF in the Next Decade: Quality, Progression and Recognition”
17.9.2018 CE officiates at Hong Kong Qualifications Framework International Conference 2018
3.9.2018 Launch of recognition of professional qualifications under HKQF
14.5.2018 Qualifications Framework Partnerships Commendation Ceremony 2018 cum QF 10th Anniversary Celebration
14.5.2018 SED commends Qualifications Framework partners (with photos)