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SCS-based/SGC-based courses refer to education and training courses that adopt the Specifications of Competency Standards (SCSs) formulated by various Industry Training Advisory Committees (ITACs) or Specifications of Generic (Foundation) Competencies (SGCs) formulated by the Education Bureau under the Qualifications Framework (QF) as the main basis for curriculum design. The structure and design of SCS-based/SGC-based courses are governed by the principles stipulated under the Qualifications Guidelines issued by the Education Bureau. Furthermore, the contents and learning outcomes of SCS-based/SGC-based courses have to meet the performance requirements as set out in the relevant Unit(s) of Competences under the SCS/SGC.

Qualifications Guidelines (QG)

Download "Qualifications Guidelines" for SCS-based/SGC-based Courses (updated in Aug 2014)

Use of SGC

The SGC may be adopted by providers to design training courses. Course designers can select relevant materials/competencies in the SGC to suit the needs of their target learners. The application of the SGC for the development of SCS-based /SGC-based courses under the QF must comply with the Qualifications Guidelines issued by the Education Bureau.

Sample SCS-based Curriculum

With a view to facilitating the development of SCS-based courses, the Education Bureau has commissioned the production of three sets of sample SCS-based curricula in three industries, namely Watch & Clock, Hairdressing, and Printing & Publishing, for reference of educational and training providers or other interested users. These sample curricula will serve as practical examples in illustrating how the units of competency of the SCS are adopted as the curricular content, and how the Qualifications Guidelines governing the design of SCS-based courses are applied. The curricula are pitched at different QF levels with different learning sizes, comprising courses of modular nature, say, a Module Certificate as well as long programmes up to Higher Diploma level.

Download Watch & Clock Sample SCS-based curriculum (Chinese version only)

Download Hairdressing Sample SCS-based curriculum (Chinese version only)

Download Printing & Publishing Sample SCS-based curriculum (Chinese version only)