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Industry consultation on the draft of SCS-based training packages for the Catering Industry

The Catering Industry Training Advisory Committee (ITAC) has developed two new training packages, namely,《西餐侍應生(初階)》and《西餐侍應生(高階)》. In order to collect feedback on the draft of the two training packages from stakeholders, a one-month industry consultation will commence on 1 November 2022, with a consultation cum sharing session to be held in the afternoon of 9 November. Please share your views by filling in the online questionnaire.

Download the draft training package《西餐侍應生(初階)》(PDF file) (Chinese version only)

Download the draft training package《西餐侍應生(高階)》(PDF file) (Chinese version only)

Fill in an online questionnaire for sharing your views on the draft of two training packages