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Industry Consultation on the Draft SCS for the Catering Industry cum Applications Sharing Session (20.6.2018)


The Catering Industry Training Advisory Committee (ITAC) and the Qualifications Framework Secretariat (QFS) jointly organized an industry consultation on the draft Specification of Competency Standards (SCS) for the Catering industry cum applications sharing session at the Auditorium of the Central Government Offices, Admiralty, Hong Kong on 20 June 2018.  Besides introducing the draft SCS and the consultation details by the professional writer and the QFS, 3 guest speakers from Café de Coral Holdings, Chi Lin Buddhist Secondary School, and Hong Kong M.C. Association were invited to share their experiences of applying SCS in the areas of HR development and training.  Over 100 representatives from employers, HR departments, and education & training providers participated in this Consultation cum Sharing Session.


Download the draft Catering SCS (Chinese version only)

Download the Consultation Questionnaire and Appendix (Chinese version only)