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Date Subject
13.7.2022 Facilitate School in Developing QF School-based Programme Related to Catering Industry
18.6.2021 Get To Know Catering industry with QF: DIY Workshops
23.7.2019 Catering Industry Training Advisory Committee (ITAC) and QF Secretariat attended the Launch Ceremony of HKJC Membership Hospitality Academy
25.4.2019 Catering ITAC visited the HKCT – Food & Beverage Training Centre and the VTC – International Culinary Institute
16.8.2018 Briefing Session on Qualifications Framework
20.6.2018 Industry Consultation on the Draft SCS for the Catering Industry cum Applications Sharing Session
14.3.2018 Visit Chi Lin Buddhist Secondary School
17.10.2017 Sharing Session on Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for the Catering and the Retail Industries
14.11.2016 Train-the-trainers Session on the SCS-based Training Package for the Catering Industry
6.6.2016 Consultation Session on Draft SCS-based Training Packages
12.8.2014 Sharing Session on the Development of SCS-based Programmes for the Chinese Catering Industry
26.3.2014 Qualifications Framework Sharing Session for the Chinese Catering Industry and the Scheme of Nurturing Talents for the Catering Industry
7.1.2013 Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Kick-off Ceremony for the Chinese Catering Industry
30.3.2011 Chinese Catering Industry - Seminar on SCS Applications and Programmes Accreditation
12.5.2009 QF Promotion Day for the Chinese Catering Industry
27.9.2007 Snapshots of the Consultation Kick-off Ceremony for the Chinese Catering Industry