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Functional Areas:

1. Hair and Scalp Care

This functional area covers the skills required for hair and scalp care and in increasing hair volume artificially, trichology and dermatology related to hairdressing, prevention and handling of hair problems and scalp disorders, etc., so as to provide professional hair and scalp care and services for prevention of hair-related diseases to customers.

QF Level
  Code Name Credit
Level 1
105353L1 Apply Shampooing and Head Massage Techniques 3
105354L1 Apply Basic Care Techniques for Wigs 3
Level 2
105355L2 Master General Care Methods and Procedures for Hair and Scalp 6
105356L2 Carry Out Different Hair Extension Procedures 6
Level 3
105357L3 Handle General Problems of Hair and Scalp 6
105358L3 Master Wig Moulding, Wearing and Touch-up Techniques 6
Level 4
105359L4 Master the Ways to Prevent Hair-related Diseases 6
105360L4 Master the Contraindications of Hair Transplant 6
Level 5
Level 6
Level 7

2. Hairstyle Design and Professional Techniques

This functional area consists of key skills and knowledge related to hairdressing services, including perming, bleaching and colouring, cutting and blow-drying, evening hairstyle design, etc., so as to provide professional hairdressing services.

QF Level
  Code Name Credit
Level 1
105361L1 Help Perform Basic Perming 3
105362L1 Help Perform Basic Colouring 3
105363L1 Help Perform Winding and Blow-drying 3
Level 2
105364L2 Help Perform Basic Hair Cutting and Blow-drying 6
105365L2 Apply Basic Perming Techniques 6
105366L2 Master Basic Bleaching, Colouring and Highlighting Techniques 6
105367L2 Apply Basic Evening Hairstyling Techniques 3
Level 3
105368L3 Master Hair Cutting and Blow-drying Techniques 6
105369L3 Master Perming Techniques 9
105370L3 Master Bleaching, Colouring and Highlighting Skills and Ways of Colour Correction 6
105371L3 Apply Traditional and Trendy Evening Hairstyling Techniques 6
Level 4
105372L4 Apply Professional Hair cutting and Blow-drying Techniques to Design Hairstyles 9
105373L4 Apply Professional Perming Techniques to Design Hairstyles 6
105374L4 Apply Professional Hair Bleaching and Colouring Techniques to Design Hairstyles 6
105375L4 Design Evening Hairstyles 6
Level 5
105376L5 Create Trendy Perm Design 6
105377L5 Create Trendy Hair Colour Design 6
105378L5 Create Trendy Evening Hairstyles 6
Level 6
Level 7

3. Image and Style Design

This new functional area propose a more extensive and professional image and style design aspect for practitioners, so as to accommodate the gradually diversified development and market needs of the industry as well as the needs of cooperating with different media and the entertainment industry. It consists of knowledge and skills of imaging, hair trend analysis and appreciation, development of culture and style, techniques for make-up for photography and styling photography, hair ornament creation and wig styling techniques.

QF Level
  Code Name Credit
Level 1
Level 2
105379L2 Basic Concepts of Design 3
Level 3
105380L3 Basic Hairstyle Design 9
105381L3 Hairstyle Designs for Photographic Effects 6
105382L3 Master the Development of Culture and Style of Hair Ornaments in Different Areas 6
105383L3 Apply Colour Science to Image and Style Design 6
Level 4
105384L4 Design Hairstyles to Match the Overall Image 9
105385L4 Master Techniques of Participating in Hairdressing Contest and Hairstyle Demonstration Show 6
105386L4 Master the Relationship between Hairstyle Design Theory and Cultural Characteristics of Different Regions 9
105387L4 Hairstyle Design for Stage/Media Production 9
105388L4 Produce Hair Ornaments and Pros (Stage Performance/Hairdressing Contest) 9
Level 5
105389L5 Create Hairstyles for Shows 9
105390L5 Analyze and Appreciate Hairstyle Trends 9
Level 6
105391L6 Create Trendy Hairstyles 9
Level 7

4. Marketing and Customer Service

This functional area requires the use of sales techniques and knowledge of marketing to formulate sales and marketing plans for hairdressing products and services; the use of knowledge of customer service and good communication skills to formulate customer service and management strategies. It involves the sales of professional hairdressing products and services, execution of market research and analysis of market status, promotion of hairdressing brands, formulation of marketing plans, handling of customer relations skills, quality customer service, customer service management strategy, customer relations management strategy, etc., so as to enhance the sales of hairdressing services or products and provide professional and quality customer service.

QF Level
  Code Name Credit
Level 1
105392L1 Apply Knowledge of Hairdressing Market to Carry Out General Sales and Promotion 3
105393L1 Sell Professional Hairdressing Products and Services to Customers 3
105394L1 Apply Basic Knowledge of Customer Service 3
105395L1 Receive Customers 3
Level 2
105396L2 Sell Hairdressing Products, Tools and Equipment to Customers 3
105397L2 Customer Relationship Skills 3
105398L2 Master Quality Customer Service 3
Level 3
105399L3 Conduct Market Research and Analysis 6
105400L3 Handle Complaints and Opinions 6
Level 4
105401L4 Promote Salon Services and Develop Business 9
105402L4 Promote Hairdressing Products and Explore Business Opportunities 9
105403L4 Formulate Customer Service Scheme 9
Level 5
105404L5 Promote Hairdressing Brands 9
105405L5 Formulate Market Research Plans 9
105406L5 Formulate Marketing Plans 9
105407L5 Assess Customer Service Scheme and Performance Indicators 6
Level 6
105408L6 Formulate Customer Service Management Strategies 6
105409L6 Formulate Customer Relation Management Strategies 6
Level 7

5. Operational Management

This functional area involves the application of knowledge of modern enterprise management to formulate the organization"s operational and development plan according to the characteristics of operation and the development of the industry. It consists of marketing, risk management, financial management, human resources management, staff training system, procurement and inventory, commodity and equipment management, public health and safety management, the laws in the mainland related to the hairdressing industry, etc., so as to achieve highly efficient business management and provide quality hairdressing services.

QF Level
  Code Name Credit
Level 1
105410L1 Apply Job Ethics and Staff Code of Practice 3
105411L1 Apply Knowledge of Public Health 3
105412L1 Apply General Safety Rules for Salon Equipment 3
105413L1 Apply the Safety Rules for General Hairdressing-related Electrical Appliances 6
Level 2
105414L2 Apply General Business Regulations 6
105415L2 Execute Purchasing and Inventory Procedures for Salon Products 4
105416L2 Apply Industry-related Occupational Safety and Health, Environment Protection and Dangerous Goods Regulations 6
105417L2 Identify Labels and Common Ingredients of Hairdressing Products 6
105418L2 Apply General Labour Regulations 3
Level 3
105419L3 Apply Financial Accounting 6
105420L3 Conduct Occupational Safety and Health Risk Assessment for the Hairdressing Industry 6
105421L3 Implement Recruitment Procedures 6
105422L3 Deploy Staff 6
105423L3 Implement Salary Benchmark and Commission System 6
105424L3 Handle Staff Records 6
Level 4
105425L4 Apply Laws for Salon Operation in the Mainland 6
105426L4 Execute Operational Procedures for the Import and Export of Hairdressing Products 3
105427L4 Execute Inventory Procedures 6
105428L4 Apply Information Management 6
105429L4 Execute Risk Management in Business Locations 6
105430L4 Execute Financial Management 6
105431L4 Formulate Procedures and Requirements for Managing the Environmental Hygiene of the Business Locations 6
105432L4 Promote Environmental Awareness in the Organization 6
105433L4 Manage Staff Relations 9
105434L4 Appraise Staff Performance 6
105435L4 Formulate Staff Training Guidelines 6
105436L4 Formulate Staff Working Guidelines 6
105437L4 Handle General Labour Disputes 6
Level 5
105438L5 Formulate Warehousing Management 6
105439L5 Formulate Risk Management for Hairdressing Business Operation 6
105440L5 Formulate Financial Management Strategies 6
105441L5 Review Staff Salary Benchmark and System 6
105442L5 Review Staff Discipline and Rules and Regulations 6
105443L5 Review Staff Posts and Duties 6
105444L5 Formulate Staff Recruitment, Deployment and Attendance Procedures 9
105445L5 Handle Complicated Labour Disputes 9
105446L5 Formulate Staff Training System and Policy 9
Level 6
105447L6 Formulate Operational Management Strategies 6
Level 7

6. Hairdressing Education and Training

This functional area involves the application of modern enterprise management skills to formulate professional job standards for trainers in related field according to the characteristics of the industry, so as to ensure the teaching and training course quality and cater the market development and needs of the industry. In addition to hairdressing competency, it also covers the aspects of trainer"s duties and job ethics, classroom management and teaching techniques, training venue and facility management, assessment criteria and assessment report, assessment of the performance of trainers, trainees and the training course, skills for hairdressing contest judges, etc., so as to provide a well-balanced professional training in skills, knowledge and job ethics.

QF Level
  Code Name Credit
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
105448L3 Master the Techniques for Practical Training for Hairdressing 6
105449L3 Compile Training Materials 6
105450L3 Apply Teaching Techniques 6
105451L3 Master Class Management 6
105452L3 Master Training Preparations 6
105453L3 Implement Training Venue and Facility Management 3
Level 4
105454L4 Formulate Training Assessment Criteria and Assessment Reports 6
105455L4 Master Skills of Serving as Judges in Hairdressing Contests 6
105456L4 Evaluate Hairdressing Course Content 6
105457L4 Assess the Performance of Trainers, Trainees and Training Course 6
Level 5
Level 6
Level 7
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