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Industry Consultation on the draft SCS of the Beauty Industry cum RPL Sharing Session for the Beauty and Hairdressing Industry (6.4.2016)

A consultation session cum Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) sharing session hosted by the Beauty and Hairdressing ITAC and Qualifications Framework Secretariat was held on 6 April 2016 to introduce the revised Units of Competency (UoCs) and benefits of RPL to industry practitioners.

Ms Cecilia KUK, Convenor of SCS Drafting Subcommittee, shared with participants the rationale behind the revisions, and the room for improvement for some existing UoCs. Then, the representative of the professional writer team introduced the content of the revised UoCs under consultation and the reasons for changes.

Employers and employees were invited to share their experiences in the use of RPL. Guest speakers included Ms Carmen Pang, Convenor of Recognition of Prior Learning Subcommittee, and Ms Grace Ng, Director of Black & White Beauty. Two awardees of "Award Scheme for Learning Experience" in 2015-16, Mr Zen Yip and Ms Ming Li, also shared their experience in winning the awards and the learning they have gained through the Award Scheme.

Around 90 stakeholders from the beauty and hairdressing industry participated in the event, including employers, employees, training providers, and HRM practitioners.