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Project on QF Promotion for Industries in Schools” (Arboriculture & Horticulture Industry), 2018-2019 (3.3.2018)

Arboriculture & Horticulture Industry Training Advisory Committee engaged College of International Education, Hong Kong Baptist University for the project on QF Promotion for Industres in Schools (Arboriculture & Horticulture Industry). The objective of the Project is to promote knowledge about the A&H industry in the context of QF to secondary school students. A wide variety of activities, including career talks, visits and workshops with hands-on experience, are designed to facilitate further studies and career planning for students. A training scheme named "Campus Plant Pioneer" which contained 4 activities have been delivered to over 100 secondary school students during March to May in 2018, they were (1) Be a tree doctor, (2) Farm Visit, (3) Experiential Workshop of Tree Climbing, and (4) seminar on Relationships between Human and Trees.