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Benefits and Objectives

While the HKQF focuses on improving the overall education and training environment for people in Hong Kong, the operation model of the framework is designed with reference to national qualifications frameworks or similar systems overseas.  With the advent of globalisation and rapid development of national and transnational qualifications frameworks in various regions and countries of the world, the need to establish and strengthen collaboration with overseas QF authorities is increasing for the following purposes:

Networking and Collaboration

Department of Education, Guangdong Province

Signing Ceremony on 25 June 2019

Guangdong Occupational Skill Testing Authority (OSTA)

       - Signing Ceremony on 24 May 2011

New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA)

      - Signing Ceremony on 28 March 2014 in Wellington, New Zealand

Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI)

      - Signing Ceremony on 23 September 2016 in Hong Kong

Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework Partnership (SCQFP)

       - Signing Ceremony on 16 March 2012 in Edinburgh, Scotland

       - Joint QF Conference on "Global Mobility - Making it Happen" on 18 March 2013 in Hong Kong

Thailand Professional Qualification Institute (TPQI)

       - Signing Ceremony on 13 July 2015 in Hong Kong

The EDB and the QFS will continue to extend and strengthen international network and to further explore possibility for collaboration in matters of mutual benefits and interests with overseas partners.

Comparability Study of the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework (HKQF) and the European Qualifications Framework (EQF)

The Comparability Study of the Hong Kong QF and the European QF (EQF), jointly undertaken by the Education Bureau and the European Commission, has been completed. The Report of the Study was accepted by the EQF Advisory Group at a meeting held in Berlin, Germany in December 2015, and has now been finalised.