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The Qualifications Framework (QF) was officially launched on 5 May 2008. It aims to help Hong Kong people set clear goals and directions for continuous learning to obtain quality-assured qualifications. In the long run, it will help enhance the overall quality and competitiveness of the local workforce. The QF in Hong Kong is a seven-level hierarchy of qualifications covering the academic, vocational and continuing education sectors.
Date News
The application deadline for Award Scheme for Learning Experiences has been extended to 31 May 2015. Be sure to apply now!
Consultation on the draft SCS-based training packages for the Catering (Chinese Restaurants), Electrical & Mechanical Services and Property Management industries
QF Promotion Day for the Printing and Publishing Industry

The Printing and Publishing Industry Training Advisory Committee (ITAC) aims to promote Qualifications Framework to enhance the competitiveness of the workforce in the industry. A QF Promotion Day hosted by ITAC and Qualifications Framework Secretariat was held on 31 March 2015 to introduce the latest QF development and encourage participation of industry practitioners.

2015-16 QF Award Scheme for Learning Experiences is open for application

The Award Scheme aims to encourage outstanding or emerging practitioners to engage in learning activities in different places around the world with a view to broadening their horizons and developing network with industry partners in and outside Hong Kong. It is now open for application from practitioners of 20 industries till 20 May.

RPL Promotion Day cum Celebration for the 10th Anniversary of the Property Management Industry Training Advisory Committee

RPL Promotion Day cum Celebration for the 10th Anniversary of the Property Management Industry Training Advisory Committee was successfully held on 11 March 2015.

Technical Alignment of Hong Kong Qualifications Framework (HKQF) and European Qualifications Framework (EQF)
Award Scheme for Learning Experience 2014-15
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